Video: the best abdominal exercises for a strong core

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A video that showcases my favorite ab exercises to help achieve a strong, chiseled core. These can be performed at home or at your gym but for only 20 minutes 2-3 times a week you can start to shape and grow a strong core. I have received a good amount of questions from those of you doing the 12 Week Workout Program about what ab exercises I do or recommend, so here it is.


Tips: always exhale on the hardest part of the ...

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Abdominals Exercise for Women - 6 packs aren’t going to grow themselves ladies

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Some quick ab exercises for women to do:

I get asked on some of my other posts what ab exercises I recommend doing. For me abs have always been something I train but I don’t dedicate much time to it other than 5-10 minutes every few workouts. A strong core is very important, but lifting weights in compound movements also targets the core when you don’t even realize it. For example, back squats wit ...

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