Chef V 5 Day Organic Green Juice Cleanse Review and Coupon Code

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Over the course of five days I document my use of the Chef V Organic Green Juice program with my readers – I did receive this five day cleanse free of charge in return for an open and honest review. What happened over the course of that time was amazing – if you have never done a dedicated program like this, or have fear that it will be too difficult to do, keep reading – it will be one of the best investments you make and I have a coupon code to save you 55% off!

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Join me in doing an organic green juice cleanse

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I am excited to share that I am going to be doing a second round of the Chef V Organic Green Juice Cleanse and I have the opportunity to offer my readers a massive discount code so that you can order and do it with me! After I did the Chef V Green Juice Cleanse two summers ago I was reached out to by their team to document my experience and do it again for 5 days this time (last time I did it for 3 days – read my blog post here). I absolutely loved the green juice and the entire program whi ...

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