How To: Loose Beachy Waves Hairstyle Tips

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One of my favorite “go to” hair styles lately is the loose, beachy waves that seen in every magazine, blog and red carpet. It takes less than 15 minutes for me to do this to my hair and I wanted to share a few tips and my favorite products that I use to achieve this look. Ever since I cut 4-5 inches off of my hair curling it has been super easy to do and great for the fall. You can do this look with any hair length and all you need is a good clipless curling iron, the right hair spray ...

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The best natural shampoo for oily hair and scalp

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One of my biggest hair concerns is that end-of-the-day oily roots and hair. You know what I mean, when your hair just feels yucky due to either touching it too often or it laying on your face and absorbing oil from your skin. My hair can only go about two, maybe stretch it to three, days before I want to literally rip it out of my head. By day three it is usually up in a ponytail or messy bun because it just feels flat, gross and nasty after a few days. While my hair is dry at the ends due to hai ...

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Apple Cider Vinegar and Aztec Healing Clay Mask DIY

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If you’re looking for a natural, at home facial mask to help deep clean your skin, look no further. I had recently ordered, after many rave reviews online, the Betonite Indian Healing Clay made by Aztec Secret. I was seeing so many great write ups on how it worked on break outs, as well as getting rid of the dirt and impurities after lots of makeup wearing. I have made a few different at home masks before, but for some reason I was intrigued to really try this ...

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Blush, ivory and white romantic wedding details for our big day

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If your wedding color palette includes blush pink, rose gold, ivory and cream I figured I would share my wedding day flower photos to share with you all to give you some inspiration. We made sure to tie those colors into everything we did; from our uplighting at the hall, to the color of the chairs, paper and invitations, decor items and candles – there was so much attention to detail to keep it all cohesive. I have to say ...

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Why I chose to do my own makeup for my wedding day

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To use a makeup artist on your wedding day or do it yourself

My wedding day was fast approaching and one of the most stressful things I was beginning to face was the decision of doing my own makeup on my wedding day or hiring a makeup artist to do it for me. At first when I brought up this dilemma to friends and family they looked at me like I had fifteen heads…“Are you kidding? You can’t do your own makeup for your wedding day!” Read more

My current natural skin care routine for the summer time

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How four natural ingredients helped to keep my skin clear and blemish free


If you read my blog you know I have switched a great deal of my bath and beauty items to all natural, especially those that go onto my face. After years of battling hormonal breakouts, oily skin and just inconsistencies I decided to go on a pursuit to find all natural DIY skin care regiments that would keep me clear and break out free. I have com ...

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The best primers and foundation for photographs

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I recently have been buying more makeup products since I have decided to do my own makeup for my wedding day. As someone who does photography and also someone who has had my photo taken for shoots occasionally, I understand what kind of makeup works best for flash photography. I also want to make sure that the primers I use on my skin on my wedding day will offer really good staying power for my face makeup. As I have been doing my makeup trials I have realized I would prefer to do my own makeup ...

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Wedding Hair Clips and Rhinestone Combs for Brides

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Having your wedding hair trial is a must do item on any bride’s check list leading up to the big day. I have just recently had my first bridal hair trial and as we tried out a few styles one thing I did not bring and should have bought was a rhinestone hair clip or comb to finish off my look. While I am still not 100% sure how I will wear my hair on my wedding day, I do know that it will consist of curls, a side part and some amount of my hair up and some of it down. A very popular trend f ...

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Decorating Tips for Home Office and Living Room Makeover

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Another Weekend of Furniture Updating, Accessory Shopping from Raymour & Flanigan

Decorating Tips for Home Office and Living Room Makeover


The weekend of April 25th & 26th was the bi yearly Raymour & Flanigan Friends and Family sale. It was the perfect time to head into your local store to pick up anything you might need to refresh your home for the Spring and Summer, or p ...

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