Everything you need to know about calculating your macros, calories and meal plans

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How to calculate macros, how many calories to eat and meal plan ideas


My all time favorite book related to women & lifting: NROLFW “The New Rules of Lifting for Women” – click here

Since creating my blog I have seen many women start various workout programs listed on my site, and that is exactly the goal! I’ve seen many women commenting and sharing their stor ...

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Zumba Wear Now Available Online for Purchase & GIVEAWAY!!!

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Zumba Wear Now Available Online for Purchase & Jersey Girl Talk Reader GIVEAWAY!!!

zm8Did you know that Zumba Wear is now available online for purchase? Everything from sexy sports bars, to loose fitting tank tops and form fitting workout bottoms? Everything is made with the female body in mind; giving you the breathable clothing that lets you dance, sweat and move without being uncomfortable or self conscious. The items are affordable an ...

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Leg Day Exercises To Swap In To Your Current Workout Routine

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Leg Day Exercise List – Some great ones to add to your training routine


When it comes to leg day it is absolutely my favorite! I love going in and knowing that in a day or two I am going to be sore and that will tell me that I worked really hard and am making great progress. The one thing that I aim to do to keep my workouts challenging and exciting is to add in and swap o ...

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Fall fitness - get outside and take a hike (or walk)

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Get outdoors and stay active as Autumn heads into full swing


Fall is now in full swing which means lots of beautiful scenery, the changing colors of the leaves on trees, cool air and a feeling of change. I love the fall season because it reminds us of the beauty in nature that is all around us but that we may not pay attention to all the time. If you’re anything like me, yo ...

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