Healthy Grocery Shopping List at Trader Joe’s

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My Favorite Items When Grocery Shopping at Trader Joe’s

While some people don’t enjoy doing their weekly grocery shopping, I look forward to it for some strange reason. I guess a big reason is that I have found a grocery store that I can get 95% of my healthy groceries from at a very good price. I’ve become slightly obsessed with shopping for my weekly groceries at Trader Joe’s. I go every weekend, usually on Saturday morning, to ga ...

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Current and Updated Healthy Clean Eating Grocery Shopping List

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When it comes to grocery shopping there are a few tips that I follow in ordre to make my visit as guilt-free as possible, organized and self-controlled. I have on occasiona found myself stepping into a grocery store telling myself 'I'm only getting enough food for 3 bags, 4 the most' and then I wind up having a cart and a half full of stuff. I love food, and now that I make all of my food during my meal prep on the weekends I am always food shopping! It's funny how times have changed ...

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