Thanksgiving - A time for family, food and friends

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I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday. For those who have had a major loss this year, losing someone you love, holidays can be really hard. This time last year my mom was going through her cancer treatment, but we still had a really nice Thanksgiving together. This year, her absence was felt and I always miss her so much during the holidays. My mother passed 8 months ago to lung cancer and what has helped me through this tough time is my family and friends.

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H&M Low Cost Holiday Gift Ideas Online

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A few weeks ago I randomly realized by going to H&M’s website that they now had an ecommerce business. I remember many times before going to their website to see if I could shop online but it was never set up. I have to say since I found this out I have ordered from them three times! Their site offers so much variety for men, women, kids & even for your home. I never knew that H&M offered products for the home. There is a lot of really great gift ideas from jewelry to candles, v ...

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Unique Holiday and Birthday Gift Ideas - Custom Family Trees and more!

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I am a big fan of creative and unique holiday and birthday gift ideas but over time it gets harder and harder to find something that you haven’t gotten before for someone special. I recently came across this beautiful gift idea from and knew that I just had to get this for someone special, and of course wanted to share it with all of my readers.

Create a personalized family tree as a unique gift ideas and many more!

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