Chef V 5 Day Organic Green Juice Cleanse Review and Coupon Code

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Over the course of five days I document my use of the Chef V Organic Green Juice program with my readers – I did receive this five day cleanse free of charge in return for an open and honest review. What happened over the course of that time was amazing – if you have never done a dedicated program like this, or have fear that it will be too difficult to do, keep reading – it will be one of the best investments you make and I have a coupon code to save you 55% off!

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Join me in doing an organic green juice cleanse

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I am excited to share that I am going to be doing a second round of the Chef V Organic Green Juice Cleanse and I have the opportunity to offer my readers a massive discount code so that you can order and do it with me! After I did the Chef V Green Juice Cleanse two summers ago I was reached out to by their team to document my experience and do it again for 5 days this time (last time I did it for 3 days – read my blog post here). I absolutely loved the green juice and the entire program whi ...

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Strawberry & Banana Whey Tech Pro 24 Nutribullet Protein Shake

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If you like the taste of strawberry Breyer’s ice cream or the memory of having strawberry Quik as a child, you should try out the new BodyTech Whey Tech Pro 24 protein powder in the flavor Strawberries and Cream. It helps to calm my sweet tooth and get me 24 grams of protein per scoop. It tastes really good alone with just ice, water or almond milk; but you can also add some fruit to get even more flavor in it and make it a bit thicker of a ...

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Chef V Organic Green Juice Cleanse Program Review

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This week my 3 day green organic juice cleanse arrived from Groupon. I ordered it and set it to arrive on Tuesday morning and it came on time with a text message to alert me that it was at my door. This was the Chef V program and it came in a nice insulated bag to use to transport the items and keep them cold and fresh. This is something I can use long after the products inside are gone. Everything came nice ...

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Chev V Deal of the Day on Groupon: Organic 3 Day Green Juice Cleanse

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Check out today’s Deal of the Day on Groupon for Chef V Organic Juice Cleanse – Click HERE

I wanted to share this link with my readers since I just purchased the 3 day juice cleanse myself. I have not done a juice cleanse of any sort in years (probably around 6 years when I did the Master Cleanse and that was just torture!). I have been making some green juices since I received my NutriBullet but I haven’t had the time t ...

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Nutribullet - My Review and Grocery Shopping List for Smoothie and Juicing Recipes

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Nutribullet Review and Grocery Shopping List for Healthy Recipes


Buy your Nutribullet today: Amazon

For my birthday this year my coworkers got me the best gift ever – my Nutribullet (which by the way I highly recommend getting this for anyone in your life who is into health and fitness! it was the best gift ever and I plan to get it for a few people I know as gifts now as well). I have always ...

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