Tips for Traveling Out of the Country - How to stay healthy & well

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Visit your Doctor, Get Antibiotic and Vaccines

Before heading out of the country I was urged to make an appointment with my general practice or family doctor in order to get a clean bill of health. I made an appointment for a full round of blood work as well as a physical exam. I had to get blood work taken one week and then return the following week to go over the results. It was important for me to let my doctor know where I would be traveling so he could give me an antibiotic to take with me. He prescribed me Cipro to take with me in case I did fall ill and needed something asap. It’s hard to see a doctor when you are traveling so having Cipro with you is a great thing to have. He also suggested I get two vaccines: Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Unfortunately those were not available at my doctor but I was able to find a local Walgreens that does offer travel vaccines. Those two vaccines were suggested and wound up costing about $220 and were not covered by insurance. They will make your arm sore for a day or two.


Clothes to wear in warm weather climates

If your trip is one where you plan to be outside a lot, and I don’t mean sitting by the pool relaxing, but actually in the villages and cities exploring, then here are some tips for packing. Make sure to wear light colored clothes and avoid tank tops. I went with a lot of loose fit tshirts. I also liked long cotton skirts which kept me covered but cool. If you are in the village or cities you want to avoid having so much skin exposed since many times the terrain is rough and you also want to avoid any type of bugs on your skin. I wore light shirts and jeans or long skirts. I also stuck with sneakers and avoided flip flops. The sneakers kept my feet protected and make sure your have ones that have ventilation so your feet stay cool in the heat. I also got a cross body bag so that I could always see my bag at all times in case anyone tried to go into it or pick pocket me. It kept my hands free also which was nice. A hat is also a great idea to keep your hair out of your face and protect it from the sun. At night time it got cool in Guatemala so always pack a light jacket and a sweatshirt or hoodie. During the day time it was around 70 but at night it got down to the 50s.


Safety Tips when Traveling

Sometimes traveling to other countries can be scary but make sure to be aware of your surroundings. Always take a photo of your passport and drivers license on your phone and a digital camera. You should also make a paper copy and have that somewhere as well just in case you lose yours or it is stolen. Carry it with you at all times, I carried mine in a small zip lock bag in a hidden compartment in my cross body bag. Exchange your currency at the airport in the US before you leave. It’s never a good idea to do it in the airport at the destination because you don’t want people there to see you with lots of cash out. Get a phone card to take with you so that you have that in an emergency. Many places have very expensive cell phone fees and heaven forbid you lose your cell phone you will have this to use. Have a way to check in with friends or family so that they know you are safe and sound. Whether you face time with them over wifi each evening or its an email to check in, make sure someone back at home hears from you daily. Also leave them the number to your hotel so they can call if they need to get in touch with you.


Safe travels



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