Tips to achieve the perfect at home blow out from Drybar founder Alli Webb

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They say that your hair is the crown you never take off, but for many women (myself included) sometimes we just don’t have the time to polish it to look it’s best everyday. It’s important to wash and condition our hair, but many of us don’t really know what we should do in order to achieve the best possible blow out at home. Most of the time we just decide to let our hair air dry, but blow drying doesn’t have to feel like a choir. I was out to uncover some top tips on how to achieve the perfect blow out at home and I had some really great help getting the answers.

Drybar founder, Alli Webb


There are a ton of questions I had about the process and I was lucky enough to get to interview and ask a few tough questions from Drybar Founder Alli Webb. She sat down and answered some of my biggest hair care concerns so that drying my hair will still be healthy for it and help me to keep my fresh, bouncy hair much longer. I am very excited to get the chance to visit the very first New Jersey Drybar location in January to get my hair blown out by the fine ladies at their new salon. For now though, these tips below from Alli are sure to help me tackle my own blow drying in the meantime. Untitled-2 1. Many believe that the perfect blowout actually starts in the shower – do you have any tips on what us gals should be doing (or not doing) when it comes to shampoo and conditioner?

You’re right — a great blowout does start in the shower! The key to a bouncy, beautiful blowout is super clean hair! Our Happy Hour Blowout Shampoo and Weightless Conditioner will rid your hair of dirt, oil and residue, leaving in perfect condition for a fab blowout.

2. What are some of your tips for how to prep your hair for blow drying while it is still wet?

Always apply a heat protectant, like our Hot Toddy. For very fine/straight hair, I recommend a mousse (like Southern Belle) that will deliver serious body. You can spray some hair spray (like The Sheriff) on top of the mousse before applying to your hair for even more hold. For textured or curly hair, choose a smoothing or hydrating cream, like our Velvet Hammer. 3. What is one product from your hair care line that is a must have to put on before blow drying? after?

On wet hair, Hot Toddy is a must! And sealing your ends is key when finishing any blowout. Our 100 Proof Treatment Oil is perfect for sealing ends and helping to repair dry, damaged hair. You can also go with a shine cream like The Chaser for a bit more texture and shine.

I also recommend Detox Dry Shampoo for 2nd day hair to absorb any excess oil and freshen up your style and add extra volume.

4. When it comes to blow dryers, what should we look for, or why is the Drybar blow dryer the best of the best?

When purchasing a blow dryer, make sure it has a good distribution of heat and power to get the job done fast. Our Buttercup blow dryer has an 1875 watt motor and nanoionic technology to protect hair and give it tons of shine and bounce. Conditioning Nano Beads seal the cuticle leaving hair smooth and frizz free.

5. How can we preserve our blow out long after the dryer is off or we’ve left the Drybar?

A good blowout should last for 2-5 days depending on your hair type and texture. Our Detox Dry Shampoo or Triple Sec 3-in-1 will really help extend your blowout between washes. They absorb oils, leaving hair looking, feeling and smelling fresh and clean!

Another trick to making it last – rollers! I use our High Top Velcro Rollers to set my hair before bedtime. Yes, they will move around a little while you sleep, but this will really help prevent bed head.

A Week of Milestones

Again, thank you so much to Alli for taking the time to answer these questions. I hope you ladies reading this can put these tips to good use next time you blow out your hair. If you’d like to check out a Drybar location near you make sure to check out their super cute and easy to navigate website here

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