Typical post workout healthy breakfast - what to eat after lifting weights in the morning

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As a morning workout person I am up and out the door by 5:45am in order to get at least 1 hour of weight training in before work. The gym in the morning is less crowded and gives me room to get through a heavier lifting day without feeling rushed by people waiting for equipment I am using. On my heavy training mornings I eat a heavier breakfast post workout. This gives my body the fuel it needs to repair and recover from the workout I just had, and when allows me to feel less hungry for the next few hours. On days you lift heavy you will notice you are hungry all day long, sometimes eating more than you normally do. This usually happens to me the most on leg day lifting.

What a typical post workout leg day breakfast looks like for me:

1 slice of Ezekiel sprouted grain toast (lightly toasted)

1 scoop of all natural chunky peanut butter spread on the warm toast

4 egg whites scrambled with spinach and chopped white onion

1 tbsp of cayenne pepper on my eggs

a cup of black coffee with a small amount of unsweetened light almond milk

1/3 cup of organic oatmeal made with water

1 tbsp of cinnamon powder mixed in

I usually wind up eating the oatmeal first with the peanut butter (good source of carbs and healthy fats), then I will wait 20 minutes then eat my eggs. This is based on the food pairing principles that we shouldn’t eat carbs and animal protein in the same time window to prevent digestion issues. I love this breakfast because it is under around 350 calories and gets me a good dose of much needed protein, carbs and fats for a heavy training day.

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